Rates Information


All funds due for any reservations must be paid 10 days before BEFORE the reservation date.

A deposit is required to hold your preferred reservation time and vehicle and will be automatically charged as soon as your reservation is confirmed.
Additional charges will be itemized on the customer’s billing statement when applicable (e.g. tolls, parking, airport and regulatory fees, operating surcharge)
All published rates are subject to change without notice.
Applicable taxes will be charged as required.

Flat Rate Rides

TIED LUXURY LIMO has standardized routes with flat-rate pricing for travel to and from most major airports.

Waiting time is defined as the length of time that elapses between a scheduled pickup and a passenger getting into the reserved vehicle. After a thirty (30) minute grace period on all flat-rate trips that begin at an airport, there is an $10.00 charge for every thirty (30) minutes a chauffeur is waiting.

Passenger-requested stops on route during a flat-rate point to point trip will be charged at $25.00 per stop. Passenger-requested stops off route during a hourly trip will be charged the prevailing hourly rate.

Time Based Rides

Rides between locations to which a flat-rate does not apply will be billed for the time the vehicle and chauffeur are at your service.

Time-based rides are subject to a fixed positioning charge that represents the cost incurred for the vehicle and chauffeur to travel to your pickup location and to return from your drop-off point. All positioning charges are fixed according to vehicle type.

Time-based rides along a small number of routes are subject to a time-based positioning charge that represents the time it takes the vehicle and chauffeur to travel to your pickup location and to return from your drop-off point.

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised all changes/cancellations must be made within an appropriate window prior to pick-up time, as follows:

10 days before reservation =100%

Failure to contact our office to cancel your reservation, will result in a non-refundable no show fee. *Please note that cancellations may vary due to special events and/or partner policies.

Service Terms

By placing a reservation with TIED LUXURY LIMO you acknowledge and expressly agree to the policies, terms and conditions and further expressly authorize TIED LUXURY LIMO to charge your credit card in full for all charges relating to your reservation, including, but not limited to, charging your credit card in full for the reservation should you be considered a no-show. Service is deemed rendered, whether you enter the vehicle or not, when the cancellation period is reached.

Refund Policy

Any deposits collected for individual transportation bookings (single bookings) are non-refundable. For all group and contracted transportation, including for special events, are deposits non-refundable unless specified in the terms of the agreement. No refunds will be issued after services have been rendered.

No Show

On all reservations you will be considered a no-show at 30 minutes past your scheduled pick-up time. (This does not apply to delayed flights.) If you have not met your chauffeur or contacted TIED LUXURY LIMO by phone, you will be charged in full for the reservation. To avoid being charged as a no-show, do not leave your location without contacting TIED LUXURY LIMO by phone.


All out of pocket charges, including, but not limited to road tolls, parking, airport fees will be billed to the client.

Rate Changes

All Rates are subject to audit after order completion. This audit includes actual tolls, parking fees, additional stops, etc. Hourly jobs are billed the number of hours you ordered the vehicle for, then in ½ hour increments, thereafter. Minimum posted number of hours is only the minimum number of hours we will accept an order for not the final charges which will be based on the actual time used. TIED LUXURY LIMO reserves the right to change rates at any time without notice.

TIED LUXURY LIMO rates are billed, including, applicable fees and tolls, 5% STC .

Reservation Termination

TIED LUXURY LIMO reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund, if the driver or the dispatcher on duty feels that the renter and or party of the renter is putting the driver or the mode of transportation or the renter and or party of the renter in danger of injury. Additionally, if the renter and or party of the renter are in the possession of any illegal material and or illegal substances, this service will be terminated immediately and charged at the full amount of the reservation. This is without exception.

Vehicle Damage/Cleaning

The client paying for the reservation is responsible for all damages and or cleaning charges incurred by the renter and or party of the renter, including but not limited to: Vomit/Sickness ($250/Incident for Cleaning Fee), Alcohol Spillage ($250/Incident for Cleaning Fee), Broken Glassware ($50/Replacement Set), Burns ($500/ Incident for Replacement or Repair), Upholstery Tears ($500-1,000/Incident for Replacement or Repair) and/or Opening a Car Door into another Vehicle or Stationary Object ($1,500-2,000/Actual amount will be billed per the Repair Fee and time out of service for the vehicle).

The charges contained in reservation quotations or provided by our representatives are intended as good faith estimates of the costs involved based upon the information known to us at the time of the quotation or reservation. It is also not intended to represent the actual cost of the trip. Additional charges for travel time, stops, waiting time, parking and/or airport fees may apply. Final charges for the trip are determined upon ride completion. Airport flat rates are based on point to point transfers originating or ending at an airport. If the client requests a stop, the flat rate will void and revert to an hourly rate. Hourly rides are calculated garage to garage. You confirm that you have read our policy(s), which can be found on the the website, and agree that the terms of such policy(s) are reasonable and satisfactory to you.

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